What Your Pet Wants You To Know

A smiling tan dog leaning over a concrete wall

Do you feel like your pet is a member of the family? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many people feel this way, but not many people realize that our animal companions actually know more about us than we know about ourselves.

Science is teaching us that everything is energy. Everything includes our bodies, our thoughts, our ideas, our feelings and the animals and the earth’s plants. Even illnesses and diseases are forms of energy.

All energy has a vibrational frequency and as this energy vibrates, it connects and interacts with all of the other energy in its field. When the vibration is slower, the particles tend to clump together and can cause damage to the body, mind, and spirit. However the faster moving energies usually move too fast for any solid attachment to form.

All living creatures, regardless of age, breed, temperament or species are susceptible to these energies, since by the laws of physics, we too are made up of energy. Indeed, we all participate in this energetic dance, including our animal companions.

So what does all of this have to do with our pets’ awareness about us?

Humans speak a verbal language. It could be English, French, Spanish and so forth. But there are other languages we use to communicate that are not so obvious. For example, mathematicians speak a language of math; musicians speak a language of music.

Animals speak a language too. It’s the language of energy.

All animals speak fluent energy; it’s part of how they communicate. Humans also speak the language of energy however, because people haven’t actively engaged in this language since the dawn of time, our ability to speak it fluently has diminished.

The animals never forgot to use this part of their awareness the way we have because they’re not busy doing things like paying bills, working at their job and getting along with their in-laws. Their mental and energetic capacities are freed up for other activities.

So if we all have this ability, the real question is: are we using it? The animals certainly are.

When it comes to energy, we know that faster moving energy is generally associated with things like happiness, love, joy, abundance, prosperity, strength, health and vitality. We also know that slower moving energy is usually associated with things including sadness, grief, fear, pain, suffering, and illness.

Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, ideas, whether they are happening consciously or unconsciously, eventually show up in our physical body, and will be expressed in our health and well being. When we understand this, we become very careful about what we think about and what we allow in our lives.

Because animals are able to detect, understand and even translate this language of energy, they intuitively know which frequency the humans they live with are vibrating at. They also energetically take on or assimilate these energies, as a gift of love, in an effort to heal us from the slower vibrating frequencies and to mirror back to us ourselves, so that we can make more conscious and appropriate choices.

Why do they do this? The answer is simple: They love us and they are attempting to teach us how to be compassionate to others and ourselves. This is the unconditional love that every animal lover knows and has experienced first hand. As we open ourselves up to the reality that animals have valuable life lessons to teach and share with us, we also wake up to our capacity to love as generously as animals do.

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