What the Reiki Precepts and Pet Hair Have in Common

A close up of the paws of a white haired dog with clumps of fur all over the couch beneath them

As a mom to three adorable and charming pups, I’m well aware of the challenges that come from living with more than one dog. Like, finding my place in the bed if they get to the bedroom before me, or the dilemma of making sure no one feels left out on pets when I only have two hands, and they are all standing in front of me begging to be petted. But probably the most significant challenge all pet owners face is matching your clothes and furniture to the exact color of your pet. It’s the only way to hide the pet hair.

While pet hair can be a nuisance when it’s in the form of a dust bunny all over our floor, it benefits our pets. Hair or fur is protection from the elements. A pet’s coat serves as insulation. In the summer, it helps keep your pet cool and protected from sunburn. In the winter, it keeps your pet warm and protects them from frostbite. Pet hair has an important job to do, and your pet’s life would be miserable without it.

The Reiki Precepts also have an important role to play. They are a spiritual guideline for people practicing the Let Animals Lead® philosophy and method of Animal Reiki. They help us find peace and joy in the world around us. If you’re not familiar with the Reiki Precepts, they are:

Just for today,
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Work Honestly
Be compassionate to yourself and others

These precepts sound simple, but they are not always easy to live by. Just like Our pet’s coat requires regular maintenance to keep it tangle-free and comfortable for our pets, the Reiki Precepts require daily practice to keep us balanced.

But sometimes, things happen that are out of our control. Your pet may sniff through the grass and come in contact with a bur that gets caught in their hair. No amount of regular grooming will prevent that, but it does make it easier to remove the problem bur when it happens. The same is true for humans.

Sometimes challenging things happen – the loss of a job, a divorce, a health crisis. The Reiki Precepts won’t prevent these things from happening, but they can help you stay balanced and peaceful when they do occur. Daily practice of the precepts makes recovering from crises easier.

Animals are always teaching us – even if it’s only by recognizing the importance of fur. The Reiki Precepts and pet hair serve a purpose. They protect against the elements and make life more comfortable. When we remember this connection, we might even become grateful for the hair all over our clothes – it is a constant reminder of the incredible animal teachers that share our lives. That furry pair of slacks may encourage us to reflect on the true meaning of the precepts.




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