The Precepts Guide to Rights and Responsibilities

Recently in the community where I live, more than 160 Pomeranians were found in a truck, locked in cages without food and water. Authorities believe the owner was running a puppy mill out of her vehicle. This comes two weeks after the City Council voted to allow pet stores to continue selling pets. Since many puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, there has been a large public out cry in their decision. Both sides are vocal and some of the responses that I have read online are supporting their decision. The most common reason is that people feel it is their right to buy a pet from a pet store. Reading these comments caused me to think about the Reiki Principles.

The Reiki Principles teach us about dedicating our life to reflect honor and grace. They are:

Just for today, do not anger.
Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, be humble.
Just for today, work honestly.
Just for today, be compassionate to yourself and others.

When I hear people declaring their rights to do any activity, I am reminded of the precept, work honestly. To me, this precept means more than going to work and doing your job to the best of your ability. It means more than being honest with other people’s money and property. I see it as a reminder to be honest about my motives and my spiritual growth.

Many people speak about their rights, but few people talk about their responsibilities. In this country:

  • You have a right to own a gun, but you have a responsibility not go to into a place of worship, or a school, or a public gathering and shoot to harm people.
  • You have a right to drive your car and go where you want, but you have a responsibility to not drive when you are impaired.
  • You have a right to live your life in a manner that pleases you, but you have a responsibility not to harm others along the way.
  • You have a right to speak your mind, but you have a responsibility not to use your voice in a way that would cause others to be harmed.
  • You have a right to seek financial gain, but you have a responsibility not to steal, lie or harm others in the process.
  • And yes, you have a right to buy a pet, but you have a responsibility to research where that pet is coming from, and the environment it’s parents were raised. You also have a responsibility to provide food, medical attention, training, and love.

The Reiki Precepts are our guide to living a loving, spiritual and responsible life. For more information on how you can bring the power of the Reiki Precepts into your life, contact Jamie Lee at

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