The Over-Looked Super Hero

A lego Superman inside half of a cracked eggshell

In this day and age of Hollywood special effects, you may think that to be classified as a Super Hero you must be able to fly faster than a rocket, morph into a giant creature, become invisible or push a moving locomotive off it’s path with one finger. Let’s face it, todays Super Hero’s can do some really cool things, but they still are not as powerful as you and me.

Why? Because you have, at any given moment, the choice to choose love over fear. All the ancient wisdom systems and almost all the religious organizations, tell us to choose love over fear. They also tell us that we should strive to be in alignment with Source – or the Universe, or God, or whatever this loving energy represents for you.

Being in alignment means that the higher consciousness, or the loving energy of God, is able to move through you freely. When this happens, the energy that you radiate out to others and to all life on the planet is a free flowing expression of love.

I teach in my Level 1 Reiki classes that Reiki is less about learning to physically heal others and more about learning to align yourself with the divine energy of the Universe. I encourage students to spend less time focusing on healing others and more time on becoming in alignment. You may have heard the saying, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup.’ Well it is true in many things we do in life, and it’s true in Reiki too.

We must learn to align ourselves with divine consciousness first, if we want to facility healing in others. We do this by practicing the elements of the system of Reiki.

If you are ready to be a Super Hero, the first step is to commit to the Universe that you are ready to be in alignment with the divine energy flow. Say it out loud, like you mean it. Write it down on paper and carry it with you.

‘Dear Universe, I am ready to commit through love.’ Then sign it. It is a commitment after all.

The next step in becoming aligned is to begin a daily meditation practice. Meditation is what shuts down the busyness and noise of the world created by humans. A friend calls it ‘white space,’ a quiet space to reconnect with the Universal energy that is already inside us. It’s has always been there, but it is like a light that has been covered and we can no longer see it. It is still there shining bright, but we have to remove the coverings. Mediation is a tool that does that.

You must also be very aware of your thoughts and words. There are no idle thoughts. All thoughts produce form at some level. If you are thinking and speaking positive, loving, abundant, and empowering words, you will feel good and so will those around you. If you are thinking and speaking negative, fearful words, you will feel terrible. Your thoughts affect your health, your abundance and your entire life experience.

When you commit to becoming aligned with the divine energy, miracles happen. One of the miracles is healing, for yourself and others, but you also develop a strong sense of purpose and find yourself living in a state of peace and joy. You develop the ability to choose love over fear and you are a light for others. Your entire life is transformed. You become a Super Hero and your true power lies in the ability to change your thoughts and be in alignment with Source.

Now that is a super power.

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