Equine Reiki

Free 30-Minute Discovery Session

Equine Reiki

The softness of a horse’s eye is enough to warm even the coldest hearts.

Equine Reiki

Equine Reiki

Horses love Reiki because they are inherently sensitive and energetic beings who understand its nature. Reiki is a special way to deepen our interspecies bond and horses especially appreciate connecting with humans energetically. Reiki also has an irresistibly relaxing nature that just feels good! You can arrange an individual session for one horse, a Herd Session for several horses or create a Day of Reiki that you design!

  • On Site One-on- One 60 minute session  $350.00

  • Horses are very sensitive animals who are deeply aware of their human care takers health and well-being. The Herd is a perfect way for all the horses in the corral to experience the gentle healing energy of Reiki in one unifying session. You may find that other pets which associate with your herd can also experience relaxation and healing.


    Contact Jamie for details and to arrange an on-site session.

  • Reiki for a Day ( 5 hours) $977.00

    Spend a day immersed in Reiki energy!

    This rejuvenating experience is a wonderful offering for riding stables, competitions, practitioner retreats, special events, customer appreciation, and more! Includes Reiki for multiple horses and is customized to your needs and requests.

  • Reiki for a Month (5 hours/1x week/4 weeks) $3,777.00

    Reiki for a Month is customized to your needs and requests. This intensive offers personal, one-on- one mentoring for you and your horse’s spiritual healing journey. Discover the secrets to healing for you and your horse – learn how to offer healing with Reiki breathing and meditation techniques. Includes On-Site Reiki Individual and/or Herd sessions, and the Animal Lover’s Spa session. It’s your choice!

Other Services By Animal Bonds

Reiki Sessions


Combine the healing energy of Reiki with the wisdom of Ayurveda. Sessions can be conducted on-line for your convenience or in the comfort of your own home.

Reiki Classes


Are you passionate about animals? Do you want to help your pets and animals in need? Would you like to deepen the bond you share with your pets? Learn to transform the lives of animals in 10 minutes a day. In person and online courses offered.



Invite Jamie to your next event or workshop and facilitate a deeper connection with animals that transforms your life..

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