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Reiki Sessions

About Wellbeing Sessions

Sessions can be conducted in person, in the comfort of your own home, or on-line. No matter which type of session you choose, your pet will experience the compassionate, healing energy of Reiki. Call us to find out which type of session is right for you.

  • Healing for your pet without leaving home. As a result of experiencing a session with Jamie, your pet’s physical and emotional health will be enhanced, and the bond you share with your pet will grow even deeper.  This unique healing session combines the healing power of Reiki with the healing wisdom of Ayurveda.  You’ll learn to read your pet’s body/mind connection and how to bring it back to balance through nutrition and lifestyle. You will also join me in a healing meditation that allows for physical, spiritual and emotional rebalancing. 

    After the initial hour together, Jamie will provide a 30-minute follow up on line.

    General Wellbeing Session – Gold Level                       $250.00

  • This includes everything in the Gold Level session and more. Jamie brings healing for your pet to your home. Spend up to 4 hours evaluating your relationship and ways to improve your pet’s health.  Discover the body/mind connection, diet, training, physical activity, enrichment and more. Practice healing Reiki meditations and breathing techniques and join Jamie in a Reiki meditation that allows for physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

    After the initial time together, Jamie will provide (4)-30-minute distant sessions for your pet and a 30-minute follow up on line.

    General Wellbeing Session – Platinum Level               $797.00

  • Horses are very sensitive animals who are deeply aware of their human care takers health and well-being. The Herd is a perfect way for all the horses in the corral to experience the gentle healing energy of Reiki in one unifying session. You may find that other pets which associate with your herd can also experience relaxation and healing.

    The Herd Session                                                   $250.00

  • This session is vital for animals lovers! Reward yourself with the opportunity for peaceful reflection. The compassionate and balancing energies of Reiki will help you experience a deep connection to Heaven and Earth and a profound relaxation to your core. This vital healing session includes Color Light Therapy and aromatherapy.

    Animal Lovers Reiki Spa Session $277.00

Other Services By Animal Bonds

Reiki Sessions


Combine the healing energy of Reiki with the wisdom of Ayurveda. Sessions can be conducted on-line for your convenience or in the comfort of your own home.

Reiki Classes


Are you passionate about animals? Do you want to help your pets and animals in need? Would you like to deepen the bond you share with your pets? Learn to transform the lives of animals in 10 minutes a day. In person and online courses offered.



Invite Jamie to your next event or workshop and facilitate a deeper connection with animals that transforms your life..

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