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Jamie Lee

A woman with blonde hair and her eyes closed hugging a white fluffy dog with black ears

An avid animal lover all her life, Jamie Lee knows animals can bring happiness, healing, and love into our lives. Her dedication to animals led her to study small animal massage, Reiki, and color light therapy for animals. In 2016 she discovered Let Animals Lead®Animal Reiki, an elite method created by Kathleen Prasad that teaches people how to support animals and heal themselves through animal reiki/meditation. Jamie founded Animal Bonds to teach people how to help their animal companions and strengthen their relationship with all animals.


Jamie obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting/Journalism and spent the next three decades working in television, law enforcement, and fire prevention. Her passion for animals led her to open Animal Bonds. She has taught animal reiki meditation at Lied Animal Foundation, Lost Our Home Animal Rescue, Windy's Ranch and Rescue, and presented to several animal welfare groups. In addition to her work with animals, Jamie is an author, published in Chicken Soup for the SoulMy Dog's Life, and Cesar's Way magazine. In 2018, she graduated from the Las Vegas National Speakers Academy and was the grand prize winner of the Las Vegas Ultimate Speakers Competition. She speaks on the power of the human-animal bond.


Jamie is active in local animal rescue and provides pro-bono services to animal rescue groups, shelters, and sanctuaries. Jamie is a member of the international non-profit organization, Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). SARA is the only professional organization dedicated to sharing the Let Animals Lead® method with shelter staff, volunteers, and animals. Jamie is an outreach coordinator for Hearts Alive Village Animal Rescue. She also serves on the board of Windy’s Ranch and Rescue Animal Sanctuary, a potbellied pig rescue, and loves teaching people how to see farm animals as friends and companions.

Jamie’s Animal Family

Jamie shares her life with her precious animal companions: three rescue pups -Bella, Oscar, and Sophie, a desert tortoise - Terra, and one bird - Sitka. She lives in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

Leah D'Ambrosio

A woman in a black jacket and dark sunglasses petting the face of a brown and white horse

Leah has spent her entire life with and around animals, from horses, dogs, cats, and fish to the more exotic species such as tigers, snakes, and raptors. In 2007, Leah discovered Kathleen Prasad, creator of the groundbreaking Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki, an internationally recognized method that teaches people how to heal themselves and support their animals through the power of animal reiki/meditation. This experience led her to understand the importance of our connection with animals and their role in living a joyful and peaceful life. Leah has since dedicated herself to teaching people how to support their animal companions through Animal Meditation sessions, workshops, retreats, and private consultations so they can heal together as one family!


Leah is an entrepreneur and animal advocate. She has worked in the high-stress corporate world as an Executive Assistant for 30 years including 10 years in Silicon Valley. Leah is also the founder of a successful cannabis company, Baked Smart. She has always been passionate about animals and their welfare. In 2008, she co-founded the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) with renowned Animal Reiki expert and author, Kathleen Prasad. Leah has helped transform SARA into an internationally recognized organization with more than 400 members and volunteers worldwide.


Leah's favorite part about being VP of SARA is having the opportunity to be a part of something so meaningful and supportive for people who love animals as much as she does. She is a former board member of Pregnant Mare Rescue and has taught classes at the Humane Society Silicon Valley, San Francisco SPCA, the C.A.R.E. Foundation, Keepers of the Wild and many other shelters and sanctuaries. Leah believes in giving back to the community and donates 25% of her class fees to animal welfare organizations.

Leah’s Animal Family

Leah lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon on the Willamette River. She shares her life with her pup, Nica, and the crows, eagles, and sea lions that visit the river. She has one grown son that shares her love of animals and philanthropy.



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