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Animals are our road map home. So what does that mean? Simply that they are showing us the way to our True Self – our inner light. They do this by reflecting back the behaviors that we need to let go of or by showing us how to live our life on purpose.

Human and animals have been working as a team since we first arrived on this planet. In fact, all of nature has been guiding us. By watching the animals, early humans learned how to survive. They showed us which plants were safe to eat and which ones weren’t and they taught us about weather patterns.

The plants also played a part in our early road map. They provided nourishment and beneficial oils to keep our bodies healthy. In our first days on earth, humans were very aware of the animals, plants and our place in the web of life. But then we had a great forgetting.

The ancient wisdom traditions have different reasons for this “great forgetting” but one thing we do know is that modern day humans are drowning in distractions: traffic, TV, radio, people, airplanes, sirens, the internet and on and on it goes.

All of our technologies have the ability to provide great opportunity or great forgetting. We can easily get caught up in our mind. We constantly check our emails; we spend the day on Facebook and wonder what certain comments on our posts mean; we listen to twenty four hour news and see how dangerous our world has become and who is to blame for our problems. The magazines and billboards show us how are bodies should look and what we can do to have a body like the models. Dinner conversation has been replaced with texts and photos of meals.

By following the wisdom of the animals, we can access the secrets to living a peaceful, joyful and compassionate life. We can create this life with a few simple changes.

1. Be fully present in the moment. Turn away from the distractions and being aware of everything that is going on around us.

2. Have an attitude of gratitude. There is always something to be thankful for in our lives.

3. Take time to just “Be.” In todays society we spend a great deal of time rushing to accomplish things and planning our future, but we seldom take time to just BE. Our spirit needs time to watch a sunset, spend time in a forest or create something.

Commit to implementing these small changes in your life, study the behavior of animals, and watch your life transform.

If you’d like to bring the power of animal energy into your life, contact me at my Facebook page @Jamie Lee-Animal Bonds.

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