National Dog Day

If you love dogs, it’s time to celebrate. Today is National Dog Day!

National Dog Day was founded on August 26, 2004, by pet lifestyle expert, Coleen Paige, to promote the bond we share with our dogs. It is a day set aside to celebrate all dogs – purebreds, mutts, mixes, rescues, and everything in between.

Dogs are our companions and protectors. They also play an important role in our health. Research has shown that the act of petting a dog reduces blood pressure and heart rate. You are also more likely to be alive one year after a major heart attack if you live with a dog. Your next prescription may read, “get two dogs and call me in the morning.”

Celebrating National Dog Day may be as simple as spending time with your best friend, or for those of you that run with the big dogs, I’ve listed ten ways to celebrate.

Ways To Celebrate

  1. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  2. Donate blankets or food to your local animal rescue.
  3. Write your local and federal representatives asking them to support the ban puppy mills.
  4. Send a dog-related card or gift to your friends.
  5. Have a National Dog Day Party. Invite your friends and their pups and celebrate with a special doggy treat.
  6. Walk an elderly neighbor’s dog.
  7. Hire a doggy photographer to take photos of your pup.
  8. Buy your dog a new toy.
  9. Schedule a spa day for your pup.
  10. Post pictures of your dog. Use #NationalDogDay.

However, you celebrate, enjoy the time with your pup. Because as dog parents we know, every day is dog day.


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