Jamie is an animal expert in the areas of Animal-Led Meditation, Animal Sports Mindset, and Animal Reiki Meditation.  She understands and can easily teach you how to support the emotional needs of animals. Animals can have food, water, shelter, enrichment and even love but still not have their emotional needs met. We can share how human companions can easily fulfill this need. Having been featured conference speakers, podcasts guests and featured in popular magazines, she is the perfect choice for a keynote speaker, podcast guest or as a journalist's resource.

As Seen In

Las Vegas Pet Scene September - October 2020

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

September/October 2020

Las Vegas Pet Scene May - June 2019

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

May/June 2019

Las Vegas Pet Scene May - June 2018

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

May/June 2018

Cesar's Way Magazine May 2011

Cesar’s Way Magazine

May 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul My Dog's Life

My Dog’s Life
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul Devotional Stories for Tough Times

Devotional Stories for Tough Times
Chicken Soup for the Soul


Whispers of Wisdom: Your Pet Has All The Answers

Liberate yourself from emotional and physical pain by learning to communicate with animals. Your pet knows the secret to releasing fear, stress, anxiety, and depression. Animals fast track you to a life filled with energy, confidence, contentment and fun. Yes, your pet does have all the answers – here is your opportunity to understand their whispers of wisdom.

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A deeper connection.

Invite Jamie to your next event or workshop and facilitate a deeper connection with animals that transforms your life.

Mimi Bergam

Ultimate Competition  Judge

There is a genuineness that comes across when Jamie is on stage that isn't contrived or    common in what I  seen in a lot of motivational speakers and the audience responds to her.

Official Bio

Jamie Lee is a Mindfulness/Meditation Teacher,  Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki Teacher, Author, Speaker, and founder of Animal Bonds. Jamie is a graduate of the Las Vegas chapter of the National Speakers Association, Speakers Academy, and the Grand Prize winner of the 2019 Ultimate Speakers Competition. Jamie has studied with world-renowned Animal Reiki teachers, a Japanese Buddhist Monk, holistic veterinarians, and other pet experts. She brings her vast knowledge of animal welfare to the stage.

A life-long animal lover, Jamie is active in animal rescue and volunteers her time and services for animal shelters and rescue groups.  She serves on the board for Windy's Ranch and Rescue Animal Sanctuary.

Jamie strongly supports the ethical treatment of all animals. She lives in Las Vegas with her rescue pups, Bella, Sophie, and Oscar, a rescued parakeet, Sika, and Terra, a desert tortoise.

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