Let Animals Lead® at the Sanctuary

The Animal Reiki Source, Let Animals Lead®  (LAL) method of Animal Reiki is more than just Reiki. It is a philosophy. Animals are honored as our teachers and our partners. They guide the session and choose when and if they want touch. Yes, it is possible to offer Reiki to animals without touch. In fact, many animals prefer it that way.

The video was taken at Windy’s Ranch and Rescue Animal Sanctuary. My student and I spent one hour offering Reiki to the horses and donkeys. One of the horses approached me and stayed with me the entire time. He sniffed me and would place his nose in my hands. His eyes grew soft, and he lowered his head. The only time he moved was to put his back against the wind.

Some of the other animals moved in and out of the energy – which is perfectly normal. The black horse approached my student and sniffed her up and down. When she reached out to him, he moved away. She then allowed him to choose how he wanted Reiki. He stood about 10 feet in front of her, watching her, and then he laid down. The donkeys and ponies would take turns coming into the area, lean against us, and then move away.

I’ve studied Reiki for over eighteen years, and I’ve been practicing the Let Animals Lead® method exclusively for the past five years. I’m always impressed how animals respond to the gentle approach of LAL.

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