Animal Reiki Advanced Class

Level 2 Online Certification Class

Online and in person intensive Animal Reiki class.

Whether you want to deepen your own spiritual journey with animals, bring Animal Reiki to your Reiki practice, or begin a professional journey towards Animal Reiki Teacher certification, this class is for you! You will go deeper into the meaning of Animal Reiki, and you will learn more advanced techniques and meditations that allow you to take your practice to another level. This class is the next step in advancing your Animal Reiki Practice!

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Online studies begin April 18, 2023

Las Vegas Animal Sanctuary Visit after online training



10:00 am - 11:30 am

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Level 2 Online $350

At the end of each training, you will:

  • Have the ability to make a positive difference for animals, animal caregivers, the community and yourself
  • Have the tools to handle stressful situations in a confident, calm, and clear way
  • Be able to support the animals’ emotional health
  • Become an animal magnet to even the most sensitive animals
  • Have the tools to support ANY animal under ANY condition!

What you will learn.

  • A variety of breathing and meditation techniques to create inner stillness, mindfulness and strength for yourself to benefit the animals.
  • Specific symbols, mantras, and chants to deepen your meditation practice and enhance your connection with animals.
  • How to use these meditation techniques to create a peaceful environment for the emotional health of the animals and humans.
  • Advanced techniques for self-care to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • Ethical guidelines for supporting animals with this method.

What you’ll receive.

  • Llive (via Zoom) weekly teachings and guided meditations, including a Reiju, Q and A time with Jamie, and written supplemental materials to support each week’s lesson.
  • Daily practice assignments and weekly homework to guide your journey.
  • An opportunity to spend a weekend at animal sanctuaries in Las Vegas, NV to emmerse yourself in the training.
  • A beautiful electronic certificate.
  • An invitation to join the Animal Bonds weekly office hours on Zoom.


  1. Students will need to be able to participate live at scheduled times. Attendance is required to receive certification.
  2.  You must be able to connect via video (preferably) or audio on the webinar platform Zoom.
  3. Students will need to be able to download and open video and pdf documents in order to watch and read the weekly lessons and assignments.
  4. Students must have animals to practice with daily. A variety of animals is preferable (ask neighbors and friends to support you!), but 1 or 2 of your own is needed.
  5. Students must commit to 10-20 minutes/day minimum of daily meditation practice during the course.
  6. Students must have completed Level 1 before moving to the advanced classes.

The result.

The cumulative effect of online and in-person training of Animal Reiki? Certainly, you will feel prepared to help any animal, in any situation. On top of that, the self-healing you experience will make it easier to practice with people and fortify yourself against the challenges of daily life! This course is a win-win for everyone!

These sessions are live via Zoom.
Teacher: Jamie Lee


April 18, 2023 Online Training

Las Vegas Animal Sanctuary visit after online training



 10:00 am (PT) - 11:30 AM (PT)

6:00 pm (PT) – 7:30 pm (PT)

Level 2 Online $350

Host a Class

Interested in hosting a class?

Contact us if you would like to host a class. A minimum of ten students is required.

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