The Winning Handler's Mindset

4-Week Online Class

4-week, mindset training for K9 Sporting Teams

Competing in dog sports should be a fun experience for you and your dog! Learn to overcome nerves and eliminate frustration by developing a winning mindset. You will learn the tricks the pros use to perform at their best level. This course is for anyone involved in dog sports - whether you do it for fun or are a serious competitor.

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Group Class Dates:

Sept. 1 - Sept. 22, 2023

$97/Group Class

$197/Private Class

At the end of the training, you will

  • Have the ability to calm nerves at any competition
  • Sharpen your focus and perform at peak levels
  • Improve teamwork with your animal partner
  • Know the techniques professional sports athletes use to compete successfully and how to apply them to dog sports
  • Know how to compete to win and still enjoy the experience

What you will learn.

  • How to identify what's holding you back and reprogram your mindset for success.
  • How to use the pressure of competing to your advantage.
  • How to use breathing techniques to increase focus and eliminate nerves.
  • How to perform Animal-Led Meditation to strengthen team work.

What you’ll receive.

  • Four live (via Zoom) weekly teachings, time with Jamie for Q&A, and written supplemental materials to support each week’s lesson.
  • Daily practice assignments and weekly homework to guide your journey.
  • An in-depth manual - both download and print.
  • A beautiful electronic certificate.
  • An invitation to join the Animal Bonds weekly newsletter for mindset tips and videos.

Host a Workshop

Interested in hosting The K9 Handlers Winning Mindset Workshop?

Contact us if you would like to host a class. A minimum of ten students is required.

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