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Our classes are tailored to support the relationship you share with all animals, including sporting dog and horse teams, companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife.


The Winning Handlers Mindset

4-Week Online Class for Dog Sport Handlers

Sept 1 - Sept 22, 2023



A woman with blonde hair and her eyes closed hugging a white fluffy dog with black ears

The Rock Star Dog Mom Bootcamp Self Study

Learn how to help your dog live a better life.

In this class, you will learn to understand your dog’s body language, discover how to communicate with your pup through energy, and  learn simple activities you can do at home to engage your pets body and mind. This class is pre-recorded so you can study on your schedule.



Introduction to Animal Reiki Meditation

Your First Step in Supporting Your Animals Through Animal Reiki Meditation

In this class, you will learn to support your animal through meditation. This pre-recorded course allows you to learn the basics of Animal Reiki Meditation so that you can offer emotional and physical support to your pets. It includes a pre-recorded 30-minute training program, a beautiful in-depth workbook, and two guided meditations.



The Winning Handler's Mindset

A 4-week online course for Dog Sport Handlers.

Competing in dog sports should be a fun experience for you and your dog! Learn to overcome nerves and eliminate frustration by developing a winning mindset. You will learn the tricks the pros use to perform at their best level. This course is for anyone involved in dog sports - whether you do it for fun or are a serious competitior.

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The Pet Effect: Learn Animal-Led Meditation

Online and In Person Classes Offered

This fun and comprehensive Animal-led meditation class will teach you how and why you should meditate with animals - even wild ones! You will discover how animals have their own unique way of experiencing and engaging with the world. and learn valuable lessons about what it means to live a happy and harmonious life.

This course is open to all animal lovers, even if you have never meditated before. Don't worry, the animals make it easy!

woman meditating with her dog and experience a positive pet effect

Animal REIKI Mentorship Program

Animal Reiki Mentorship Program

Fast track your learning, become Animal Reiki certified, and work one on one with us.

The Animal Bonds Mentorship Program is for anyone wanting to fast track their learning. This unique program provides the opportunity to work one on one with Jamie as you go deep into the true meaning of the Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki Method.

A woman with closed eyes sitting cross-legged outside next to a white horse and turkey

This class is for everyone, whether you are new to Animal Reiki or a Master working with human clients. Learn what animals really want you to know and look at Reiki through their eyes. In this meditative form of Reiki, you will discover how to connect on a spiritual level to any animal - even wild ones!

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