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service1Jamie Lee began her journey in Animal Meditation two decades ago, but her personal journey with animals began when she was just a girl. An avid animal lover all her life, Jamie turned to animals for companionship to offset a troubled home life. Through offering healing and compassion to her four-legged friends, Jamie discovered the wisdom and compassion of animals.

When she was 13 years old her home town of Rapid City, SD was struck by a flash flood.  All the pets and farm animals drowned and the town lost over 200 beloved citizens in the tragedy. Along with the other survivors, Jamie was devastated. She endured anxiety attacks and nightmares for many years. Eventually Jamie came to understand that security is not outside of her, but inside her heart, in her connection with All Life.  Sharing this understanding with others is part of her mission.

Jamie founded Animal Bonds to elevate the lives of animals by helping people understand and honor animals’ natural wisdom. She believes animals enlighten us spiritually through our experiences with them. They bring joy, compassion and love to the world. Our relationships with animals – and how we treat them – opens the door for healing all of us: human beings, animals, and this planet we call Home.

Jamie Lee has studied many forms of energy healing and gained wisdom from all of her many teachers. She continues her lifelong commitment of learning and practicing the Let Animals Lead method.

In addition to her work with animals, Jamie is an author. She is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, My Dog’s Life, and Cesar’s Way magazine.  She worked as an HR Writer for a large corporate gaming organization, a television reporter, director and public service director and as media director for a law enforcement agency.

Jamie is active in local animal rescue. She provides pro-bono services to animal rescue groups, shelters and sanctuaries. She also provides Scholarships for animal rescuers so they may continue the important work of saving animals’ lives. Jamie is a member of S.A.R.A., the Shelter Animal Reiki Association, and she serves on the board of Windy’s Ranch and Rescue Farm Animal Sanctuary. 

Jamie’s Animal Family
Jamie is honored to share her life with her precious animal companions and teachers: three rescue pups named Bella, Oscar, and Sophie, a desert tortoise, and one bird, Sitka.  She lives in beautiful Las Vegas, NV.

Healing Certifications:

Reiki I & II
Reiki Master Level
Reiki III / Animal Teacher Training by S.A.R.A.
Healing Touch I
Veterinary Aromatherapy by Dr. Nancy Brandt, DVM
IPTouch Animal Massage and Care
Color  Harmonics and Acupuncture Frequency
Hibiscuous Moon Crystal Healer Course

Jamie has studied with:

Nancy DeYoung – QT Mastery Founder and Specialist, Author
Victoria Stitzer – Transformation Wellness Center, Traditional Reiki Master
Tanya Harbecke – Reiki Master
Brenda Calvin – Reiki Master
Kathleen Prasad – Reiki/Animal Reiki Teacher, Shelter Animal Reiki Association President & Co-Founder
Julianne Bien – Founder of Spectrahue Light & Sound, Author
Amy Herzlich – founder of IPTouch Animal Massage
Dr. Nancy Brandt – DVM

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Jamie’s Story
Jamie’s Story

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