Healing Begins With You

A painting of a small fairy or baby holding up colorful painted eggs to a blue bird peaking their head out of a green bird house

What does healing look like? For many people healing means recovering from a cold or mending a broken bone. But what I’ve come to believe after studying and living Let Animals Lead® is that healing goes much deeper than physical or mental health. The deepest level of healing is spiritual.

Let Animals Lead® was created by Kathleen Prasad. It is founded on traditional Japanese Reiki practices, but it’s so much more than Reiki. It’s about learning to honor the animals as our partners and guides in life and returning to our true essence – compassion.

There is a sickness penetrating our society that is much more dangerous than broken bones or viruses. We have forgotten who we are and the role we play on the planet. We’ve begun behaving as if humans were the only life form that matters; others are here for us to use for our pleasure. But our world is a tapestry of life, full of beautiful colors and hues. Humans are just one color in the web of life. But because we’ve forgotten, we are destroying our home; our mental, physical and spiritual health is suffering; we are causing great pain to the other life forms that share our home, and we are destroying the earth as we know it.

We need to reconnect to our true essence before it’s too late.

Let Animals Lead® shows us how.

Let Animals Lead® teaches us to honor all life. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. Horses, dogs, cats, cows, pigs, bugs, birds, lizards, and everything in between, deserve our respect and compassion.

We’ve strayed off course, and our species now faces dire consequences if we don’t change our behavior and thinking.  But the problem is too large to comprehend; how can we be expected to change the world?

We begin by changing ourselves.

Let Animals Lead® teaches us to go inward and be present with our true self – the divine light that makes up all life. We practice letting go. We become still in the presence of animals and learn from their innate wisdom. We meditate daily. We embrace the Reiki Precepts, a guide to live a balanced and peaceful life. We become joyful and compassionate. We develop a deep, spiritual relationship with all animals. We transform, and everything in our world does too. Our actions, deeds, and words become the medicine the world needs.

What does healing look like? However you define it, compassion for all life must be part of the healing process.




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