Giving Animals the Gift of Reiki

Hands holding a tiny kitten with closed eyes

The animals of this planet truly are children of the Universe, free of ego and judgment. They live in the moment and are not held hostage with thoughts of money, power, or status. Free of these restraints, it is easy for animals to remain connected to the source of all creation, and bring spiritual lessons and blessings to the people that share their lives. It’s our choice to listen to their message and honor their presence. One way to show our appreciation for all they do for us is through Reiki energy.

The man made societies we live in are very foreign to our pets. At one time, they roamed free, grass under their paws, answering only to the laws of nature and their pack. Today, they live in concrete jungles, walk on sidewalks instead of grass, breath in polluted air, eat processed food, receive shots and chemicals “for their own good,” and are discouraged from instinctive animal behavior. They have become enslaved in our world, just as we have.

It’s not as sad as it appears; there are benefits to living with humans. Animals receive shelter, medical attention when necessary, abundant food, love and attention, and jobs to perform. The animals have gladly entered into this agreement for their own benefit and to help us, the guardian, evolve and create a higher consciousness. Nothing makes them happier than to help us succeed.

How can we repay these precious spirits that give us so much? One of the greatest gifts we can give our animal companions is the healing energy of Reiki.

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, is made up of two words, Rei-meaning universal, and Ki-meaning life force energy. The healing art of Reiki promotes healing, relaxation, and emotional and physical balance.

Reiki is based on the belief that every living creature is made up of universal energy. This is the same energy that makes birds sing, flowers grow, and allows babies to be born. When this life force energy becomes blocked, “dis-ease” can be the result. Reiki clears away the blockages and allows the energy of our creator to flow freely again, enabling physical bodies to do what they are designed to do – heal themselves.

Animals seem to have an easier time understanding and accepting Reiki than many people, however, due to their sensitive nature, direct hands-on Reiki treatments may be too intense. Simply being in the presence of someone offering Reiki can result in healing.

Reiki energy heals people, animals and our planet. Hundreds of people around the world continue to report that Reiki sessions are both an amazingly effective healing technique and a profoundly beautiful experience. From helping our beloved pets and other animals transition out of this life, to healing illnesses and injury or addressing stressful situations, the positive effects of Reiki are undeniable. Amazing things happen when people and their animals experience the gentle healing and compassion of a Reiki session.

There is no reason to fear the Reiki energy; Reiki only works for the highest good and will never do any harm. Reiki energy helps deepen the animal/guardian bond in addition to helping the animal:

  • Relax
  • Recover from abuse
  • Heal emotional and physical wounds
  • Adjust to new surroundings
  • Overcome fears
  • Overcome grief
  • Obtain a greater state of overall wellness

Precautions should be taken when working with animals. Reiki should never be forced upon an animal; the practitioner should always ask the animals permission prior to offering the Reiki. Animals are very aligned to the energy of Reiki and will accept as much as they need. Since animals are unique personalities, they will react differently to the energy; some relax and fall asleep, some move around the room, and some approach the practitioner and ask for hands-on Reiki. Animals will always direct the treatment but a typical Reiki session can last 30-60 minutes. Remember, the animal will always determine the direction and length of the session.

Whenever we practice Reiki, an energetic ripple effect elevates all beings around us: people, animals, plant life. This ripple effect manifest in many subtle forms: spontaneous recovery from an illness or surgery, changes to a pack or herd of animals, spiritual healing during a hospice situation or sometimes by providing whatever spiritual, emotional or physical healing is needed in the moment.

The sensitive nature of our pets makes Reiki a great choice to encourage physical and emotional healing, and lay the foundation for vibrant health. It is one way we can show our love and devotion to the precious animal spirits that share our lives.

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