Find Purpose in the Pack

3 Week Online Course


What animals Know about living a successful life.

This 3-week, online course teaches you the secrets that animals know about living a purposeful life – on your terms!

You will discover:

  • Five steps to begin immediately to create your purpose, realize your truth and choose success.
  • Animal Reiki meditations that connect you to the collective consciousness of animals – and their wisdom.
  • How to recognize your own unique genius.
  • How to create your purpose and live a successful life on your terms.

You will participate in this class in the comfort of your own home. Classes will be online, via Zoom. If you miss a class (but we hope you don’t) a recording will be provided so you won’t miss out on anything.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and you will have the power of the pack supporting you on this journey.

Find Purpose in the Pack


After completing the class, you will have a private follow up with Jamie Lee, to examine anything that came up for you during the class. But that’s not all!

Next Level Business Summit 2019 attendees save $100 off the class fee.

Find Purpose in the Pack is normally priced at $297.00 but because you attended the Next Level Business Summit 2019, your cost is only $197.00.

Class begins Friday, November 1, 2019 at 5:30pm (PST).

Don’t wait. Reserve your spot today and get ready to learn how to recognize your own unique genius and create success on your terms!

Jamie Lee is an Animal Relationship Specialist & Animal Reiki Teacher. She has studied with world renown Animal Reiki experts, and Inamoto Hyakuten, a Japanese Buddhist Monk. Jamie is an animal advocate and donates her time and a portion of class fees back to animal rescue groups. She speaks and writes on the healing power of the animal bond.

Find Purpose in the Pack