Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

It’s become almost cliché, but it is true; energy flows where your attention goes. Where are you placing your attention? Are you choosing love or are you choosing fear?

As a Reiki practitioner, I understand the importance of intention and focus. Focusing my attention and intending for the person/animal to receive the exact healing they need in that exact moment is powerful – and healing.

You don’t have to be a Reiki practitioner to use energy to shift your world however. If you commit to thinking thoughts of joy, peace, compassion and love, your life will shift. The more joyful you are, the more light you shine on the world. It’s not just the individual that can make the shift happen. There is a collective psyche. The coherence of a group that is meditating on peace, joy and love, has the power to shift the entire population and now we know why. During meditation, the alpha brain waves of the people in the group become synchronized. The coherence of these synchronized brain waves has the power to affect everyone in the area.

Gabby Bernstein, author of, “The Universe Has Your Back,” repeats the findings of an attempt to measure the group coherence. In 1976, a group of Monks were sent into a high crime community to meditate. The number of Monks represented one percent of the total population of the community and what they found was astounding. Over time, the crime rate dropped 16%.

The power of the collective joyful energy to shift the consciousness of the masses is called the Maharishi Effect.

Image if 25% or 50% or even 75% of the worlds population committed to meditating on thoughts of love, peace, joy and compassion. How different would the world be if we focused on love and let go of the outcome. How different would our life be if we trusted the Universe or Source or God or whatever name you prefer to call the life force energy that flows through all things.

If you have trouble letting go of outcomes and releasing your need to control the situation, maybe this meditation will help. It is an angel meditation that came from The Universe Has Your Back. If you don’t believe in angels replace the angel with an animal. Ask for an animal to guide you and see who shows up. Here’s how it works.

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Begin taking slow deep breaths. On the inhale focus on what you are trying to control and on the exhale, let it go. In your minds eye, see yourself sitting in a safe place. A place where you are protected and supported. In this safe place, acknowledge the situation you are trying to control. Then see a small, golden basket at your feet. It is illuminated from the inside out. Open the basket and place what you have been controlling into the basket. Now, offer it up to the Universe and surrender it fully. Set your intention to allow the Universe to take over.

Hold a vision of an angel (or animal if you prefer) behind you. They touch you letting you know you are safe and protected. The angel picks up the basket and flies off, waving goodbye.

Sit in silence until you are ready to open your eyes and end the meditation.

We have the power to choose our thoughts. Wherever we chose to place our thoughts, on love or on fear, the energy we put out is either healing the planet, or harming the planet. What kind of world are you creating?

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