Dreams Do Come True

Helping shelter and sanctuary animals is difficult work, ask anyone that has given their heart to the cause. We feel an inner mission to rescue animals that are in trouble, traumatized and abused. Unfortunately, spending lots of time with animals who have seen all manner of negative experiences takes its toll on us as caregivers. No matter how well intentioned we might be, if we spend a significant amount of time caring for abused and traumatized animals, this will begin to wear away at our hearts, unless we take pro-active steps toward healing. This is where Reiki comes in. Not only does it help animals recover from trauma, abuse and abandonment, it helps the people caring for them to stay centered, strong and balanced.

Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas is opening their hearts to Reiki and animals in need, and they are making a difference.

Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas

Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas was born out of a young girls dream. Ten year old Kendall dreamed of opening an animal rescue and she called it Hearts Alive. She wrote it down in her journal, and then she closed the cover to allow time for the dream to develop. The day came when her mother, Christy, knew it was time to teach her daughter about making your dreams a reality. The dream was lifted from the pages of her journal and is now known as Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas.

Hearts Alive Village is a non-profit organization supported by the community. With the help of their dedicated volunteers and through partnerships with other agencies, they are reducing the number of dogs and cats that get lost in the shelter system. The also are working to keep pets and their owners together by providing food, veterinary care and training assistance.

Hearts Alive is busy making a difference in the community. To date, they have saved 392 dogs and cats from an uncertain future. They feed more than 300 pets in low income homes, each month. They have assisted more than 170 community animals with training, medical assistance, spay and neuter and more. They have taught more than 500 children how to be responsible pet owners.

Hearts Alive Village operates several programs to help animals and people in the community and they are always looking for volunteers to help run them. The programs include:

Kendall’s Kupboard

Since 2014, Kendall’s Kupboard has distributed over 30 tons of dog and cat food to pets in need. And not only do they provide food, they provide supplies that a struggling pet parent may need, including beds, blankets, bowls, leashes, collars and even shampoo.

Charlie Mike

From the very beginning, Hearts Alive knew they couldn’t help as many animals as they dreamed of helping, without helping people too. Hearts Alive felt a responsibility to come together and aid the men and women that chose to put their country and us first – veterans. Case managers and vets call on Hearts Alive for many different types of support. They may need help with medical care for their pet, or help feeding their pet. Sometimes, it is because the veteran has become homeless and is on track for housing but needs a safe place for their dog or cat to stay in the mean time. Hearts Alive also helps match veterans with support animals.

Chi of Hearts

Chihuahuas are one of the most over-represented breeds in Nevada shelters. The Chi of Hearts program is dedicated to rescuing and caring for homeless, abandoned and injured Chihuahuas.

Adoption center and Pet Supply Store

Hearts Alive operates a Pet supply store 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. They sell food, kitty litter, toys, beds, and all kinds of pet supplies. Prices are very reasonable and because they are a non-profit, all sales are exempt from sales tax! Plus, the center is the home of several kitties looking for their forever home. The Adoption center and pet supply store is located at 1750 South Rainbow.

If you’d like to get involved in one of their programs, donate money or items, or just learn more about Hearts Alive Village, visit their website at www.havlv.com

At the core of Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas is a community of people that are coming together to help create change. Together, this village is changing the lives of people and animals for the better.

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