The Power of Good Deeds

A person feeding a young, tan donkey

September has arrived, bringing with it the promise of cooler temps, fall colors, and a return to routine. This year we are experiencing anything but routine, and in some parts of the country, the cool temperatures can’t come soon enough. The year 2020 has challenged all of us. We’ve had to adapt to change, become resourceful, and focus on the parts of ourselves that need healing. It’s been a tough year for people and animals. While our world may be changing before our very eyes, one thing hasn’t changed – compassion to animals.

It may seem like a long time ago, but back in March, when the pandemic first began, many people chose animals over solitude. Adoptions and fostering applications rose sharply. People seem to be turning to man’s and woman’s best friend for comfort and companionship during these uncertain times. And why not? Research has shown that living with animals can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels.

Pandemics Don’t Stop Rescue

Adoption numbers vary across the country, with some shelters continuing to see a rise in the adoption and foster numbers, while other shelters are now seeing a decrease. Some shelters are still not open to the public due to COVID restrictions. This makes it more challenging to take in new animals and adopt animals out. Also, as people go back to work, they may return the foster animal because they no longer have time to care for it.

In general, 2020 has been a good year for animals. People recognize the power they have to heal and transform our lives and return the favor by providing animals medical care, companionship, and a family to call their own.

While there’s a lot of good news on the pet front, animals are still being abused and abandoned. Thousands of wild animals have lost their homes in the wildfires and hurricanes that are ravishing our country. The pandemic didn’t stop the need for rescue.

Meet Lillee

My friends, Meggan and Robert, are animal advocates, and a trip to their home is proof that they believe in rescue and showing compassion to animals.  Their barns, yard, and home are filled with animals that needed a safe place to call home. They were recently asked to open their home again when a wild donkey was struck by a car. Her injuries were too severe for her to fight, but her 6-week-old foal was unharmed in the accident. Terrified and alone, the baby needed help. Robert arrived at the scene and brought the little one home. She’s young, healthy, and adapting well to her new life and her new name – Lillee.

You may wonder what difference does adopting one pet or saving one foal make in today’s chaotic world? Well, it means the difference between life and death for the animals, and it could be life or death for us too. If COVID has taught us anything, it led us to understand the power of one small good deed. Acts of compassion bring healing, joy, and love into our life and our world.

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