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Offering Animal Reiki to your animal companion is a wonderful way to support their emotional needs, and promote relaxation and stress-relief. This unique method of Animal Reiki helps create a peaceful and supportive environment for every animal, no matter what their species, background or sensitivity.

Choose one session or a package of four for the best value.  Each session is 30 minutes long and is done distantly.


What to expect.

We do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, perform medical treatments or interfere with the prescribed treatment of veterinarians. We do not manipulate energy, engage in animal communication, or attempt to control animals during sessions: animals are the leaders in the process deciding how, and if, they want to relax with us in meditation.

The sessions are conducted distantly. You will be contacted prior to the start of the session and again at the end. Remember that Animal Reiki is not about an instant physical cure. The meditations used create a deep relaxation that will support your animal on all levels. Improvements may be very subtle and gradual over time.


How to prepare.

If possible, choose a time for your session when the animal will be naturally relaxed, not a time where they usually get their walk, dinner, potty break, etc.

Make sure the animal is in a comfortable space - i.e., the living room on the couch, bedroom on the bed, etc.

Try and eliminate distractions. (Example: You don’t want to be watching TV, doing chores or have other types of interruptions if possible, while your animal family member is in their session.) You want to create a space as soothing and relaxing as possible for everyone.

Your participation can be very helpful to the relaxation of your animal family member. You can participate either by sitting with your animal and joining the meditation (we can help guide you), or you can just sit quietly beside them.

This is a time for you let go of worry or fear about your animal’s health situation and just relax and be together with your animal. A good mantra to use is, “All is well.”


Common responses observed during sessions are:

Circling to lay down
Deep sighs
Falling asleep
Awake but still, with soft, relaxed eyes
Sleeping more deeply than usual (dreaming)
Breath may be more relaxed
Eating or drinking
Might come over to the pet parent to cuddle during the session
If they are an anxious animal - less pacing, less panting

Healing shifts that can occur after the session:

More calm
They might bark less
Something that normally scares them won’t
They might start eating if they haven’t been - same with water and drinking
They may start showing physical improvements like limping less prominently
May seem more grounded and balanced in their interactions and behavior


Sometimes a healing shift may be in a different area than the issue that you feel needs healing. Improvements will show where Reiki is supporting the animal’s self-healing process. For example, you might request a session to help your cat stop peeing on the carpet and after a session, the cat no longer paces or yowls at night. That would be considered a healing response, even though it is unexpected. In this case we would recommend another session to continue to support the animal’s healing process.

Please note, for behavior issues we always suggest contacting a behavior specialist. Animal Reiki works well in conjunction with training from a professional.

Keep in touch so we can determine the best regimen for follow-up treatments, if needed.

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