Balance and Boundaries: Why you need to stop DOING Reiki and Find Balance!

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It happens every day.  A compassionate energy healer is excited to help a precious pet and her family and instead, they violate the animal’s personal space and disrespect their spiritual nature.

Animals are crying out to us, “Please, stop DOING Reiki.  Just BE Reiki.”

What’s the difference between doing and being Reiki? When we DO Reiki, we are coming from our ego/mind. Our mind tells us that the animal needs something that we have to give. It tells us that we know what is best for the animal. It tells us that we must take control over the situation and fix things.

Some practitioners confine the animal so they can’t get away and as a result, the animal is not free to move in and out of the energy as they see fit.  Others immediately begin to place their hands on the animal or they “beam” the energy towards them. In both of these situations, the practitioner is unintentionally taking away the animal’s ability to choose. What should be a loving and compassionate offering, becomes an act of forcing the Reiki energy upon the animal.

Healing does not occur when we try to force or control the situation, it happens when we respect an animal’s boundaries, and open our hearts to a peaceful and respectful space.

Another way to think of “Being Reiki” is remembering what we are – a beautiful, loving light of divine consciousness. When we access this place inside us through meditation, we become peaceful, loving and balanced. When we are in this divine consciousness place, the body becomes balanced and healing occurs naturally. Not only for us, but for everyone around us.

Being Reiki means creating a partnership with the animal. It means letting them lead the session. There is a drastic difference when we sit in the presence of an animal and let them choose.

How to BE Reiki

Ask Permission

Before you begin, ask permission from the animal. Let them know how long you will be there and that you will be meditating to create a peaceful, healing space. Tell them they are free to enter this space and accept as much or as little as they like.

Touch Only When Asked

Being Reiki means respecting boundaries. Always wait to place your hands on an animal until they ask. Sit at a distance and let the animal come to you. They will let you know if they want hands on healing. They will rub up against you or position their body where they want to be touched.

Stay Out of the Ego/Mind

Don’t try to think about where the animal is hurting or what needs to be healed. Don’t feel sorry for them.  Look with your heart and see the beautiful true light that resides in both of you.

Give Thanks

At the end of your time together, remember to be grateful. Thank the animal for your time together (even if they did not accept the Reiki).

Being Reiki in the presence of animals is an act of love and respect. When we honor their true nature, they are more willing to open their hearts and share with us. Animals teach us how to love and how to be present in the moment. They remind us that we are all connected and that our actions towards each other are prayers of compassion – and compassion is the ultimate healer.

Jamie Lee is an Animal Relationship Specialist and Shelter Animal Reiki Association Teacher. Find out more about Animal Reiki and how you can bring it into your life by contacting Jamie at www.Animal-Bonds.comor visit her FB page Jamie Lee – Animal Bonds.


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