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Animal Reiki Resources We Highly Recommend! 

Over the years of working with people and animals, we've been able to locate dependable resources and connect with professionals that we highly recommend using to complement your Animal Reiki practice or to use to help support your animal's health needs.


Finding the right professional to fit the needs of your pet and family can be difficult. Here are some of the animal professionals we highly recommend. We have worked with all of the professionals listed and believe you will be pleased with their services. All of the professionals listed below offer online services to help you!

  • Thea Strom, Medium and Animal Communicator - Thea is an amazingly gifted animal comunicator and medium. and the only animal communicator we recommend.
  • Gary Richter, DVM - known as America's Favorite Veterinarian, award winning author and AHVMA's Holistic Practitioner of the Year, Dr. Richter is a valuable resource for pet nutrition and the use of cannabis with pets.
  • Jt Clough, Dog Trainer Life Advisor | Trainer - Jt is a life coach for dogs and their families. For over 21 years, her amazing techniques have helped to turn the most difficult situations into success stories. Although she is in San Diego, she has online options to help you!
  • Veronica Selco, imPETus Animal Training - Veronica is a professional dog trainer that has been helping families achieve behavioral wellness for over 20 years. She is committed to a force free approach and holds the following certifications: MSW, KPACTP, CBATI, CCUI, CNWI and FDM. She offers in person and virtual services. She is also a mentor for aspiring dog trainers for the Victoria Stillwell Academy.
  • Marty Becker, DVM/Fear Free Pets - Dr. Becker leads an amazing group of dedicated professionals on the Fear Fear Advisory Group, with a goal of changing the entire ecosystem of many animals, starting with dogs, cats, and other companion animals. (Note: All of us at Animal Bonds are trained in the Fear Free method for shelters.)

manufacturers we support

Choosing the right products, such as food, for your pets can be difficult. We have listed our favorites below. All of the firms listed donate to animal rescues.

  • Farmer's Dog - Wonderful fresh food delivery straight to your door!
  • The Honest Kitchen - A great alternative to fresh food and a better alternative to kibble for some. They use quality ingredients your dog will love!
  • Earthbath - Like humans, our beloved pets need baths. We love this company for their philanthropic efforts and their high quality products. We have been using their products with great success for 12 years!!
  • Kuranda Dog Beds - Wonderful raised beds for your dog. Even better? They offer discounted pricing for shelters. You can donate a bed to a shelter in any of the lower 48 states and it will ship for free directly to the organization!
  • - We love Chewy's ease of buying, the amazing discounts they offer and their huge selection!


The advantages of CBD and its safety are what make it such a hot topic in the animal world. Determining the dangers, how to dose, and which companies are best may be challenging. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, bunny or even a tiger, CBD can safely help you support your animal's health needs.

Leah D'Ambrosio, a Partner at Animal Bonds, has been working in the cannabis industry for eight years. Because of her connections and knowledge of cannabis, she is pleased to assist you and your pet by referring you to some of her favourite resources.

According to Dr. Gary Richter, veterinarians have reported cannabis' success with pets suffering from a variety of ailments including: arthritis, behavior problems, cancer, digestive tract upset, IBD, bacterial and fungal infections, IVDD, glaucoma, seizures, skin disorders, chronic pain management, anxiety, noise phobias, and other types of inflammation-related pain.

To learn more about how this amazing plant can help you and your animal family members, be sure to check out the following resources:

  • COMING SOON! Our Guide to CBD for You and Your Pet will be coming out soon and will have even more of Dr. Richter's resources.
  • Gary Richter, DVM - he's not only known as America's Favorite Veterinarian, he has been using cannabis to help support animals for over 20 years and is the foremost expert in this field.  Dr. Richter has a wonderful webinar all about cannabis and your pet you'll find extremely helpful!
  • Veterinarian Cannabis Society - This society was created by a team of dedicated veterinarians and cannabis industry leaders who identified the glaring gap in knowledge about the safe and appropriate use of cannabis for treating animals. Their mission is to create lasting solutions that ensure the safe use of cannabis in pets through education, advocacy, and promoting product standards. They have amazing resources for veterinarians AND the public. If you are in a state that has not legalized cannabis, this is an excellent site for getting reliable information.
  • Treatibles - In 2013, this company was first to market back for CBD treats and supplements for animals. They have wonderful products your animals will LOVE! Another bonus - their tinctures have droppers that are clearly marked so you never guess about how many milligrams of CBD you are giving your animal.
  • Butler Hemp Co. - Very highly rated and high quality CBD for you. CAUTION! This CBD can be used with your dog, cat, horse, bunny, etc. as long as you follow Dr. Richter's guidelines for dosing. DO NOT USE THE HUMAN DOSAGING INSTRCUTIONS!! Their droppers do not have milligram markings so it's much harder to correctly dose. 


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