Alone Time Builds Self-Confidence

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My quiet time gives me the opportunity to be introspective. It allows me to focus on solidifying my strengths. I am more self-confident when I take time away to myself.

When I am alone, I make a list of character goals. I like the person I am but I enjoy spending time refining my character. It helps me to stand behind my choices without swaying. Alone time allows me to continuously believe in myself.

Upcoming challenges require my full effort and attention. I prepare myself for them by meditating on what is required of me.

I spend meditation time reminding myself that I am able to rise above obstacles. Looking back at past successes aids in the process. At the end of meditation, I feel ready to conquer anything that comes my way.

Spending time alone also allows me to be retrospective on shortcomings. I consider situations when I was capable of achieving more.

I look at where I fell short and make refinements for more favorable results going forward. Each retrospective session leaves me feeling unbreakable. I feel like I have the creativity to turn each difficult situation into something positive.

Today, my self-confidence continues to develop because I take the time to nurture it. My daily focus is to make myself an impenetrable force that tackles challenges head on.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What exercises can I employ to build my self-confidence?
  2. What other personal attributes can my alone time help me to develop?
  3. How do I rebuild my confidence when I am knocked down by a tough situation?


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