Elevating the lives of animals
and the people who love them
through meditation and animal reiki.

Animal Bonds is committed to helping people improve their relationship with animals.

Our approach combines the specialized Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki, meditation and mindfulness to make it easier than ever before to support animals' emotional needs.

We offer classes for animal caregivers, veterinary staff, canine competition teams and animal lovers; we are your guide on a happier, life-changing journey of meditating with animals!

VISIT OUR ONLINE LEARNING PAGE and sign up for our Introduction to Animal Reiki/Meditation class today!


Sign up for our Level 1 Animal Reiki class and learn our groundbreaking techniques to help you deepen the bond you share with your pet and promote a trusting, compassionate, and respectful relationship.


If you are a Reiki practitioner that wants to add animals to your practice, sign up for one of our classes and  learn how to offer Reiki to animals respectfully and successfully. 


Competing and winning can take its toll on both you and your animal partner. Our time-tested meditative techniques will help you strengthen your relationship, improve performance and compete with confidence.

How We Do This

A working dog that was doing well and winning ribbons is suddenly disinterested in their sport. A dog you've adopted is having a hard time acclimating to life with you. These issues can sometimes indicate the emotional needs of your animal companion are not being met.

Our unique system, the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki, offers deep emotional healing for all animals from companion to wild.

The techniques we teach and practice will transform a stressed, shut-down animal into an open, trusting one; it can take a competitive sports animal and improve their focus or love of the sport; it can bring relaxation and peace to all animals - but especially companion animals. We are not a replacement for training or behavior support.

JOIN US TODAY in learning how you can help support the animals in your life, no matter what circumstances they may be facing: whether dealing with trauma, anxiety, illness or even death.

If you are an Animal Reiki Teacher and looking to add value to your introduction classes, we have the perfect gift for you! We have created a fully customizable Introduction to Animal Reiki workbook where you can add your logo, photos and contact information! Check it out! 

How to Work with Us

Not ready to commit yet? Join us live on Zoom!

Bring your questions to Jamie and Leah every week and join us as we go live on FB and Zoom.

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Zoom Mornings

Join us as we discuss all things animals and meditation! Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am PT.

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Can't join us live? No problem. Catch all the meeting replays on our YouTube channel.              

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Follow us on Facebook. You can find us on @Animal Bonds.                                                                            

Free Consultations

A red haired woman holding a ribbon and wearing a red and white scarf with her arm around a German Shepherd in front of a sign that says "K9 NOSE WORK"

Enhance your sporting trials.

If another canine sporting competition didn’t go as you planned, don’t give up! Competing in Nosework or other canine sports should be fun and it can be!  Learn to enhance team work, increase focus, build trust, and win competitions! Our positive teaching techniques work for all sporting dogs, including;

Nose Work - Agility - Obedience - Freestyle - Rally

If you are a competitor in any dog sport, or a K9 Sport Association, contact us today to discuss how our easy and effective system helps improve focus and teamwork. Learn how you can make it a part of your training toolbox. K9 sporting associations are invited to contact us to learn how to offer it to their association members.

Animals are good for us.

We learned at a young age the important role animal companions play in living a happy and peaceful life. But it isn't always a walk in the park.  If you want to develop a deeper, more trusting relationship with your pet, we can help. Our specialized meditation techniques and Animal Reiki programs transform your life and the relationships you share with all animals. Sign up for a free call to find out the best program for you!

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What our clients are saying.

Charlene & Burton Murphy

Burton is a highly killed narcotics detection dog and has spent his retirement competing in K9 nosework. He has many coaches to help him succeed but despite his training, he began to slip in his game. I could never do justice in describing the gift that Jamie give to me and Burton, however she played a large part in Burton achieving Elite Grand Championship status.  I humbly and respectfully recommend including Jamie as part of any working dog’s environment.


Leah is a wonderful teacher and someone you feel you can really connect with even if it is only via email from another country! Listening to other peoples’ experience is so interesting and just knowing you have a supportive network when you start offering Reiki to animals is an added bonus. If you are interested in offering Reiki to animals but need some confidence to go out there and do so, I warmly encourage you to take the Animal Reiki for Reiki Practitioners.

Valerie Wolf

Jamie’s workshop was a great discovery. We had been competing in obedience trials for years, when Draggo began missing cues. After Jamie’s workshop, I knew that would never be a problem again. I highly recommend this class for anyone that desires a deeper relationship with their sporting dog.

Gina Page

Lost Our Home Board Member/Treadmill Trainer

Jamie is excellent and the Let Animals Lead® class is awesome. I would recommend to anyone with a pet or anyone that works with animals.


I went into this class thinking it would mostly reinforce the Reiki training I already had with the exception of adding animals into the mix. Wow, was I wrong! This class is thorough and deep and taught with compassion. This class brought me to a deeper level in my own Reiki practice and instilled in me a humbling appreciation for working with animals. A very valuable and worthwhile course. Thank you, Leah, for your warmth and sensitivity.

Debera Butler


Thank you, Jamie for teaching me Let Animals Lead®. I am 100% sure I saved a wild finch’s life today because of it!

Susan Holt

Animal Advocate & Rescue Volunteer

Jamie is fabulous! Her class gave me words and new methods to benefit what I do. The Reiki I shared today was so beneficial and we even had a human potential adopter join us in offering it to the cats.


This class was transformative for me. It allowed me to solidify the foundation of my animal reiki practice. I gained more confidence in my delivery of what animal reiki is all about with the Let Animals Lead® Method. I’ve grown personally and so has my practice during those 8 weeks. I feel better equipped to spread awareness about his beautiful practice.

Alix Peters

Jamie is a natural teacher and made this a fun and meaningful workshop. As an introduction to energy work, the Level 1, Let Animals Lead® course is a must for people that love animals and want to deepen their connection with them.

Amberly Prill

It was pretty awesome to be around animals and see the impact Let Animals Lead® and meditation have on them. Also, the chanting is something new to me and is quite powerful – my dogs love it!


We are certified teachers in the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki, Positive Mindfulness Meditation, and graduates of the Fear Free Shelter program

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