Reiki Classes

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Reiki Classes

Advance your Reiki journey with the healing power of animals

Reiki Classes

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Learn how to bring the compassionate, healing energies of Reiki into your life and experience the transformative power of Reiki to change your life for the better. Learn the System of Reiki, and practice professionally or on your animals and friends.

  • Would you like to learn more about healing yourself and your pets? Have you ever thought about making the Reiki practice of compassion and healing your profession?

    Begin your spiritual journey into the Reiki system by enrolling in these classes. Beginning with Level 1, each training builds upon the next, culminating in a Master/Teacher Certificate that qualifies you to teach others.

    Each training class is comprehensive and self-contained. You can take only Level 1 or continue your training as you feel ready to progress. In each training class you will have time for practice, discussion and feedback. At the completion of each level you will receive an extensive Class Manual Level and Certificate of Completion. 

    Giving Back: For each class, Animal Bonds donates a portion of each student’s tuition to an animal charity.

    Level I (Shoden)  $197.00

    Shoden is a Japanese word meaning “first teachings.” This class teaches you about the fundamentals of Reiki. 

    Learn the history of Reiki, basic theories, hand positions, meditations and self-healing techniques. 

    You will leave knowing how to help yourself and your animals using Reiki. Both days include time for practice, discussion and feedback. 

    No prerequisite. Contact Animal Bonds for class dates/times.


    Level II (Okuden) $197.00

    In Japanese, Okuden means “inner teachings.” In this class, we take a deeper look at Usui Mikao’s teachings. 

    Learn how to connect to earth and sky energies and how to incorporate mantras, meditation and symbols for personal development and self-treatment. 

    You will also learn Level II techniques for treatment of others, including Distant Treatment and treatment of animals.

    Prerequisite: Must have completed Reiki 1 in any lineage. Contact Animal Bonds for class dates/times.


    Level III/Animal Reiki Teacher (Shinpiden)  $827.00

    In Japanese, “Shinpiden” means “mystery teachings.” 

    This class is for Level II or established Reiki Teachers who wish to continue their personal journey and become certified to teach Animal Reiki. I require all of my Level III students to first complete my online course: Reiki Precepts for Animals before taking this training.

    During Level III Training you will:

    • Learn traditional Japanese technique’s for teaching Levels I, II, III
    • Review the Symbols and Mantras for Levels I, II, III
    • Learn the 4th Symbol and Mantra
    • Receive the Reiki Master Initiation or “Reiju”.
    • Learn how to perform Initiations and Reiju for others
    • Discuss best practices for sharing Reiki with animals    
    • Learning the Reiki Code of Ethics Learning how to create successful lesson plans for
    • Learning how to create successful lesson plans for students
    • Certificate of Completion


    Prerequisite: Must have at least Level II Reiki in any lineage and Reiki Precepts for Animals. Contact Animal Bonds for class dates/times.

  • In this five-week virtual class, teaches students the foundation of the system of Reiki – The Reiki Precepts. Both the beginner and the experienced Animal Reiki Practitioner will enjoy this course.

    We will study the five precepts in depth, and discuss their meaning and how they relate to our work with animals. Students will learn meditations for spiritual development and complete a fun, creative, activity. 

    This class is a Prerequisite for Jamie’s Level III/Animal Reiki Teacher class. 

    Contact Animal Bonds for class dates/times.


  • SARA 5 Powerful Meditations to Help Heal Your Animals 

    For all animal lovers! In this 5-hour course you will learn 5 powerful meditations to help heal your animals. You can use these meditations to shift situations, even the most stressful ones, into peaceful, compassionate and loving moments. No prerequisite.


Other Services By Animal Bonds

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions can be conducted in person in the comfort of your own home, or at a distance. No matter which type of session you choose, your animal will experience the compassionate, healing energy of Reiki.

Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes

Learn how to bring the compassionate, healing energies of Reiki into your life and experience the transformative power of Reiki to change your life for the better.

Reiki Equestrian

Equine Reiki

Horses love Reiki because they are inherently sensitive and energetic beings who understand its nature.

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